People and the world they designed are the focus of my attention. That's why in the portfolio section on my website you mostly see the two topics "people and places". Both in color and black and white. Both digital and analog. 

Already during my studies I was fascinated by painting, drawing and photography. After few years, I concentrated on photography as an medium that best supports my expression. I prefer serial work and take photographs both digitally and analogously. My special interest pertains to motives and situations that make the beholder stop for a moment and look at the picture more closely to find hidden things beneath the surface. In general I give priority to the physical presence of a print. The work is not accomplished until a high-quality, persistent and signed print exists. 

Even if a picture itself does not tell a story, it can be the starting point of a story. A story that a viewer develops in his own mind. As diverse as our view of the world is, so diverse will be the stories that I would like to initiate with my pictures. Sometimes it's stories that carry us further than a plane. I hope you find in my galleries a picture that can be the starting point of your own story.

Some images are published (e.g. the Venice series was printed in Moderne Kunst Heute). Although I prefer the physical print, my images are also published in online magazines (NIF Magazine, Apple Pie Magazine, Fluffer Magazine, Beanalogic Magazine etc.).

Please note: 

This is a private and non-commercial website which shows a small selection of my photographs in a low resolution. Nevertheless the content and works on these pages are subject to German copyright law. The copying, processing, distribution and any kind of utilization outside the limits of copyright requires my written consent. 

The privacy of visitors to my homepage is important to me: I do not use cookies and I do not collect or see visitors IP addresses or other personal data.

The comments in the blog section represent my personal world view of art and photography and do not claim to be journalistic. See the main categories of my blog:  

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